The Golden Throne Portraits

Just for a little personal creative project, I have started making portraits of my business friends sitting in my golden throne.

First up is Alex Boock. When I started the project, Alex was still working as a lawyer for Solomons, one of Dunedin’s established law firms, but when we did his shoot, he let me know that he was seeking greener pastures. The change was all very amicable, but at first I couldn’t resist having a little bit of fun with the narrative of his portrait. I wondered why a successful young legal mind like Alex – with a family and a mortgage – would leave the security of a Dunedin legal institution. And what would he do on his last day at the office? Maybe I have an overactive imagination.

Now Alex is working for Fyfe Karamaena Law Limited so I thought I ought to do a version that’s not quite so NSFW but still fun. Now behold Alex and the Temple of Justice!

Who will be next? Stay tuned. I have a good long list of candidates and wonderful Dunedin backdrops to pop them in front of. I’m also open to suggestions and volunteers!

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