New Fellow, old fellows.

I got an email from my old mate Andrew Read yesterdayCC&AR-2.  Andrew had been browsing here and noted there hadn’t been much activity.  Andrew Read-2He assumed I’ve been busy, which is true – just not as busy as him. He let it slip that he’s just been made a Fellow of the Royal Society.  That’s a big deal.  Andrew and I were undergrads together at Otago University and destroyed many a brain cell in each others company – here we are doing so in 1984, a very bad year for brain cells but he obviously kept a couple in reserve.  Well done mate, I’m proud of you.  The Nobel people will be watching I know. I’ll never tell them about Amsterdam if you don’t.

But I haven’t exactly been idle myself, just silent.  Plenty of teaching via SIT’s online photography courses, and plenty of shoots, either video or stills, some of which include:


Allan Court Motel


Farm aerials with my drone setup




More Caterpillar Logging machinery


Ground control at Dunedin Carrying Company


An event at the Otago Community Hospice for Colliers International


Some video work in Queenstown and Arrowtown


Shooting the Glebe Luxury Apartments


Trying to keep the snow out of frame at Millbrook resort with Kiwi golf legend Greg Turner



New website material for Knox Rehab

So yeah, busy.  Just not Andrew Read busy. That’s something else.  Believe me, Amsterdam hasn’t been the same since.

But that’s alright, either have we.

Andrew Read 4 10 15

Andrew Read, FRS 2015



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