Testing, testing

Progress continues on my friend Paul’s Covid-19 film. Two days ago we visited Oamaru to film healthcare workers testing the workforce at the Pukeuri meatworks. Experiencing so much of the world via the internet, and especially from lockdown, it’s easy to feel like a spectator to an unfolding drama with this pandemic. This project is making it really palpable to me now.

I’m getting to see the mobilisation of healthcare workers and hear about their concerns and experiences first hand. I’m seeing ordinary folks volunteer to see if this unseen enemy is lurking within, waiting to go off like a grenade to infect and harm those around them. I’m sharing their fear and fatigue, courage and resolution. It’s exciting…nothing near the scale of what my Dad must have felt as he squeezed down the fuselage to the tail gun of a Mitchell bomber back in 1944, but it does feel like I’m playing part in a global conflict. We all are.

So that’s why Paul and I are trying to capture what stories we can, while they’re fresh in the minds of the players. We’re so grateful for the unhindered access we’ve had to people, places and events in the last few weeks, and also for the backing we’ve received on the Kickstarter page. 3/5 of the way there in just three days! Thank you all.

Stay safe everyone. This is not a test.

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