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Work with the best. That’s how you make your own work look better.  After working with Karl Radel and his Klone staff on their website pictures, I couldn’t wait to do some competition work for him and his team of award winning hairdressers. So a couple of weeks ago I finally had the pleasure of shooting some of Karl’s work on the gorgeous Kylie Hope. It was one of those great evenings where everybody brings something special of their own to the session.

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Karl’s colour work is just fantastic – he calls it the ultimate fashion accessory and that’s a great way to see it.  That handbag or those slick shoes? You can change them in seconds. The hair stays until the next salon visit.

And Kylie… well,  I have a feeling that if you just ask her to sit and stare at paint drying, she’ll give you something great to shoot. Half the job of being a pro photographer is knowing what shots not to show people. Somehow Kylie makes even my overexposed test shots look good. If only I could share the finals but you know… we want to keep those under wraps until the comp is over.


I must have done something right.  A few days later Kylie asked if I could shoot some pictures of her and her loved ones on the day she was admitted to the bar. I couldn’t be more pleased. But before the fun can begin there are rules to observe in the World Domination League studio. The first rule is: everybody has to have fun.


The second rule is, everybody comes out looking great. That was easy. When they walk in looking like Kylie and her family, even I come out looking good.




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