Drone photography: the art – part four

Not long after teaching myself some ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) techniques in drone photography, I attended SIT2LRN’s annual facilitators workshop at Telford in the Catlins district of Southland New Zealand. Telford was once a family […]

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Drone Photography: The art – part three

After my initial foray into abstract drone photography, I was hooked. I enjoy the other aerial photography I do, but the ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) technique with a drone felt exciting and new. I went […]

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Drone photography: The art – part two

Lets just go back to the beginning of this story. To explore some artistic techniques in drone photography I decided to go to one of my favourite local haunts, Okia flat on Otago Peninsula. It’s […]

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Drone Photography: The art – part one.

Drone photography is a great way to capture images of our world and I have become something of a specialist. I use it a lot for my work as a commercial photographer in Dunedin, mostly […]

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The beauty of drone video

Drone video and photography are powerful ways to capture the world around us. By shooting from above, we can see things in a whole new way. We can see the big picture, we can see […]

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Introducing Lara Davidson

Dunedin has always had a solid creative sector bustling with talent. While we lost our professional theatre company at the Fortune a few years ago, the musical theatre side of things is stronger than ever […]

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O’Briens Factory, Mosgiel

I love mixing photography up with making video. It’s been a while since I made the Marion music video for Darren Watson, so I’m pleased to be able to share my latest. I directed it […]

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Rosann on the Golden Throne

I do a lot of business portraits for Dunedinites as well as more creative work. My Golden Throne series brings both together. I’ve wanted to put my friend Rosann on my Golden Throne for some […]

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Staff photos for Klone Hair

A few weeks ago it was time to roll down my black backdrop and set my lights to refresh the staff photos for Klone hair. Klone is at the cutting edge (pun intended) and it […]

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The Golden Throne Portraits

Just for a little personal creative project, I have started making portraits of my business friends sitting in my golden throne. First up is Alex Boock. Alex is working for Fyfe Karamaena Law Limited so […]

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