Hair Fashion

We’re well overdue for an update around here.  So lets get started with the exquisite Maddi, who came in with hairstylist extraordinaire Karl Radel to do some competition pictures for his salon, Klone Hair. If […]

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Trucking on with video

Video is still a significant part of my business and I always welcome the variety it brings. My latest effort is part of a recruitment drive for Dynes Transport. It gave me the chance to […]

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The Corpse Flower

Going back to my natural history roots here. I was asked by Dunedin City Council to shoot the flowering event of their Amorphophallus titanium or corpse flower. A native of East Sumatra, this rare plant […]

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Photographing Elderly Care: When Magic Happens. Part One.

Photographing things and places is so enjoyable. I love the gear, like the drone I got the shot above from. But taking pictures of people is the most challenging and rewarding part of this business. […]

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Night ‘N Day: BTS on a TVC

One of my more interesting jobs lately has been to shoot some Behind the Scenes pictures for a TV commercial in Dunedin. I won’t say who for, you’ll just have to wait until it hits […]

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Winter photography

After a couple of months steady work in town, last Friday I felt the need to give in to my constant urge to be in the back country, so threw some gear into my venerable […]

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The Changing Landscape

  You have to run as fast as you can just to stand still. In biological terms, that’s the Red Queen Hypothesis, that has been used to explain the nature of competition, parasitism and even […]

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Caught Behind: Don’t send the wrong message in your pictures

Political photos have always been ripe for ridicule, and with today’s global leadership there has been a wealth of good material to play with. But rather than ridicule, I’ll just point out a little weakness […]

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Waterfalls of the Matukituki

Just for something different, a little thing I shot on family vacation. Enjoy the waterfalls of the Matukituki valley. You have no idea how cold that water is until you charge in without a wetsuit, […]

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Photospheres 2

Playing around with Photospheres again today. Found a little embed plugin so I don’t have to use Facebook to display them. Welcome to Port Chalmers on a sunny day!

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