Chain Saw Chain: Conference Photography

Shooting conferences is a job I relish. It’s full of challenges and compromises that have to be made and every job you do, you learn something. The Stihl National Conference in Dunedin was pretty typical. […]

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Camping at Glendhu Bay

Jetski at the gates of dawn Parkin Bay, Glendhu Bay, Roy’s Peak We’re one of those Kiwi families that camp at the same spot at Glendhu Bay, Lake Wanaka every summer. It’s one of our […]

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Southern Rehab Conference Photography: Storytelling.

Conference photography just happens to be another of my specialties. Much as I like the painstaking approach to creating pictures, covering a conference is a little different.  Conference photography is demanding. You’re shooting run-and-gun, taking […]

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Dinner at Larnach Castle

Dunedin’s heritage buildings offer me such fantastic shoot locations. This job came with its own: Larnach Castle. The roll-out of the new dinner menu for guests starts with a tasting session for the staff, so […]

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Once again, I’ve been guilty of just getting on with the work and not sharing enough! My excuse is that I now have more students than ever. Giving feedback on photos is easy, giving something […]

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You’re not at school any more. Try to look like it.

I blame our schoolyard experience for most of the bad photos I’ve seen. School photogs worked fast, lining us up like fence palings and telling us to stand up straight. That whole straight back, stand […]

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Adventure in the snow

From time to time I just have to leave town for a taste of adventure.  This winter’s expedition was to Mt Buster, located at the eastern end of Oteake Conservation park, North Otago NZ.  The […]

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Hair Fashion

We’re well overdue for an update around here.  So lets get started with the exquisite Maddi, who came in with hairstylist extraordinaire Karl Radel to do some competition pictures for his salon, Klone Hair. If […]

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Trucking on with video

Video is still a significant part of my business and I always welcome the variety it brings. My latest effort is part of a recruitment drive for Dynes Transport. It gave me the chance to […]

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The Corpse Flower

Going back to my natural history roots here. I was asked by Dunedin City Council to shoot the flowering event of their Amorphophallus titanium or corpse flower. A native of East Sumatra, this rare plant […]

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