Keeping Revelation Alive

I’m in the revelation business. So much of my work as a photographer, videographer or director is about revealing stuff to people. Often when I’m shooting business headshots, I’m revealing to folks how strong and confident they look. If I’m shooting video, I might be revealing how heroic truck driving might be. Photographers, videographers and even writers have to look at the everyday world with different eyes, different points of view. We use that new view to present folks the stuff they see in fresh new ways, to reveal the wonder in the everyday.

But to deliver revelation, I think you have to receive it frequently too. If you’re just doing the same thing, it’s easy to get in a rut, get stale, get bored, lose your mojo. So my final message to my photography students is to always keep revelation alive, to expose themselves to fresh experiences all the time, new points of view, learning experiences… learn to dance, go see a movie, talk to a stranger, cook a new recipe, buy some new kit and learn to use it.

One of the things I love to do regularly is explore new territory. Sometimes by walking, but more often on my mountain bike. I really get a mental boost from seeing the world from the top of a new hill – and I have to admit the physical effort in getting there is part of the buzz.

So here’s a typical weekend expedition for me… a trip I took last summer to Hidden Lake and Mount Saint Bathans. Riding the high (2000 metres) barren mountain range and then taking a dip in a massive glacial tarn was full of revelations. Enjoy.

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