O’Briens Factory, Mosgiel

I love mixing photography up with making video. It’s been a while since I made the Marion music video for Darren Watson, so I’m pleased to be able to share my latest. I directed it over a few days at the O’Briens benchtop factory in Mosgiel last October.

Clive filming factory proces

I visited the factory with my mate Alan Dove earlier in July to learn about the process and look for interesting visuals to film. My GoPro is ideal for gathering ideas for jobs like this. Using Alan on the camera meant I could concentrate fully on making sure Alan’s lovely camera work came together in a visually compelling narrative. I’m a fan of camera movement, but think videos should be more than just a montage of pretty slo-mo and smooth camera motion.

Storyboard for factory video

Over the next weeks I used the images we took and what we learned from the visit to create a detailed storyboard for the video.

Our brief here was to tell the story of O’Briens’ highly automated custom benchtop process. I wanted to keep the camera moving as much as possible on our journey through the factory, so it has a nice sense of both flow and energy.


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