Otago Graduation!

I love graduation so much I’ve done it twice, for a BSc and MSc in Zoology here at Dunedin’s Otago University.  It’s time to recognise a pretty big achievement, made all the better when you can do it with family and capture the memory forever.  Today I had the beautiful new pharmacy grad Agnellar and her family in the studio, followed by Otago Polytech Personal Training grad Georgia and her folks.

There’s always a good vibe in my studio, but today the place was overflowing with love and pride. I like that.

My own Georgia graduated from her year 8 class yesterday and school broke up for the year, so she was available to help me build my light scheme this morning. I’m getting to see graduation from the parents’ side now.  

Either way, it’s great.

Gaudeamus Igitur!

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