Positive reviews for the Covid Film

Paul and I are thrilled that our Covid documentary Behind the Mask is receiving good reviews from people. Check out this one from the Spinoff:


It’s interesting to see that the pandemic continues to stir up craziness, the latest in New Zealand being anti-vax mandate protests, disrupting retail businesses that are trying to recover from lockdown and even kids cricket matches. It’s worrying that the issue is dividing people so much. Paul and I are pleased that our film doesn’t really take a side. We don’t narrate or editorialise. There are no commentators, policy makers or modelers, just people who have experienced the disease first hand, telling what they’ve lived through. The traumas many of them have suffered are palpable and I think whatever side of whichever Covid-related issue you stand on, you’ll be gripped by their stories.

You can watch it or the trailer here:


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