Something Important

I’ve been collaborating with my good friend Doctor Paul Trotman for over twenty years. The portrait I shot of him many moons ago is still one of my favourites.

When not healing the sick, Paul has made many great medical documentaries and TV shows, including Donated to Science, the most beautiful film you will ever see about dissecting human beings. Really. Check it out.

So now Paul and I are embarking on another adventure, documenting the human side of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re telling the stories of health workers around the world. For now I’ve been doing a little shooting around Dunedin, at a CBAC (Community Based Assessment Centre) and in Dunedin Public Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, Respiratory ward, Emergency Department and an infection control group meeting.

It’s exciting. It’s a little scary, but more importantly, it feels important.

Paul’s recording the stories of medics around the world via zoom. He’s gathering some incredible tales of people scrambling to face a tidal wave of infection and death.

Right now, we’re doing it off our own bats. But we’re seeking money to do more and finish the film to a level where it can be sent to film festivals and hopefully somewhere for broadcast.

Paul has opened a kickstarter here for anyone who’d like to join us in this adventure. After just 24 hours, it was well on its way to helping us do this.

Stay safe everyone!

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