The girl with the guitar

Before I photograph any paying clients in front of my new wall, I needed to see how it played in the light. This was a good opportunity to drag Miss C(15) into the studio for some captures since she’s growing rather quickly right now. She’s so into her guitar at the moment, I knew that letting her sit and noodle away while I worked would be a good way to get her relaxed before I asked her to shoot me some studio smiles.

She’s been on a six month guitar-playing bender and now she’s showing me new tricks. My shy little girl is turning into this beautiful, self-confident young woman. So when I asked her to put the guitar down and just work with me, she was relaxed and natural.

I tell my students that the relationship between photographer and subject is just as important as any of the technical factors in portrait photography. You have to work to put people at their ease and give you their natural and best selves. It’s not always easy, but the results are hugely rewarding.

OK, wall painted, a few lighting experiments concluded, I couldn’t wait for someone else to come along and look fabulous in my new-look studio. As it was, I wouldn’t have to wait very long at all…

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